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Luminosa – Inspired Illumination fits this bespoke lighting supplier and contractor like a glove!
The focus of Luminosa is to supply, create bespoke lighting solutions and oversea the lighting projects from start to finish.
As suppliers to the building, development and interior design trades Luminosa needed a brand that appealed to their discerning clientele. The style of the understated logo with the O hinting at a bright blue halo of light underscores their commitment to style. Luminosa is Italian for light. Inspired Illumination translates as lighting that is inspired by the style and the bespoke requirements of each individual project.  The name, identity and strapline contains all the elements to tell the story. VMAL created the signage design as well as the stationery brochures and bespoke interactive website highlighting the services and the beautiful bespoke products available. (


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